Welcome to Project EVH!

Hello there and welcome!

I decided to start this website to inform people about the equipment and gear for Van Halen fans to explore. I will update this now and again for people to explore the wonderful sound that Eddie Van Halen has created over the years. I hope you and I will learn something along the way too!

I am not posting anything as yet, but will next time, about the equipment and gear that Eddie Van Halen has used over the years. I will create different posts in a chronological order about everything that EVH has used in terms of basic setup and sound from the early years onward. In the meantime, if you are new to Van Halen, go and hear the official back catalogue of Van Halen which is:

Van Halen (1978)

Van Halen II (1979)

Women and Children First (1980)

Fair Warning (1981)

Diver Down (1982)

1984 (1984)

5150 (1986)

OU812 (1988)

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991)

Live: Right Here Right Now (1993)

Balance (1995)

Best of Volume 1 (1996)

Van Halen III (1998)

Best of Both Worlds (2004)

A Different Kind of Truth (2012)

Live At Tokyo Dome In Concert (2015)

I would seriously recommend the Best of Both Worlds compilation first as it covers every album. Or, if you dislike compilations, check out Van Halen, the self-titled debut album which is awesome and rocking. But ultimately it is up to you to do the heavy listening out there. I will also add tips and general knowledge to assist you in your journey musically.

One page I really must recommend for now is the Vintage Kramer page where the majority of Eddie Van Halen’s main guitars are photographed. Check it out at: http://www.vintagekramer.com/5150f.htm it has a variety of different guitars there that Ed has used over the years.

Project EVH is my own project. It is up to me to explore the sound of what Eddie Van Halen has used over the years. It is a life project, and constantly adjusted to revision and change along the way. Ed has described himself as a “tone chaser”, and it is up to me to see exactly what he was always searching for in terms of tone.

Keep your eyes on this, and rock on!! \m/\m/

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