Eddie we will all miss you

This is a personal statement in response to Eddie’s recent passing on.

I have always loved the music of Van Halen, ever since my father played the Eruption guitar solo to me at age 6. I loved what I heard, and thought that it was amazing. From then on, I have always made it a commitment to further learn and understand the tone chasing, brilliant guitar work and awesome nature of EVH himself.

It is deeply saddening to hear of Eddie’s recent passing. Project EVH is far from finished, however, and I will continue to update it over the years. I rarely would mention anything unusual but Eddie Van Halen is no longer with us. We have lost an incredible guitarist, musical inspiration and visionary. He touched all our hearts with his wonderful music, mine especially, although I never met Eddie personally. Eddie Van Halen was an incredibly gifted musician, the likes of we will not see again.

In any case, I will leave this up in memory of him. Project EVH will be updated again sometime soon, so stayed tuned.

Rest In Peace, Eddie Van Halen.

Chris Airey

3 thoughts on “Eddie we will all miss you

  1. Erika T

    I’ve never played the guitar but have been a fan since I was a young teenager in the ’80s… I feel like I’ve Iost a family member this has hurt so deeply. And I didnt know him or have the privilege of seeing him live😩😰😓
    I look forward to reading your posts & understanding his style…



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